Agreement Service Profile

December 2, 2020 – 1:54 pm

An ALS profile is a set or collection of SLAs. ALS profiles can be associated with the following: Service contracts define agreements with customers that define the level of service with pre-defined terms for a specified time frame. It indicates the customer`s authorization at the service level and contains a list of products containing services and service parts covered. Price agreements for services and parties are also subject to the contract. The service contract thus represents the service data, the list of items, the list of products, the price agreement of the exit list and the billing plan. An ALS profile can be associated with several elements. An item can only use one ALS profile. The SAP CRM Mobile Service app is available to meet the requirements of the field agent. These applications are run offline and can be synced with CRM servers. Internet Customer self-service (ICSS), a web application that can be used by Internet users for the CRM service. Like WebClient, it offers the following service functions: Customers included in the order of service as well as reference objects could be used when determining the contract, which will lead to the presentation of contracts available at a given time for the customer concerned and the subject of reference. It also leads to the definition of the data level of service agreement (SLA). For the reference object entered in the service order, the system can automatically perform a warranty check that verifies whether or not there is a warranty for the reference object.

If so, the warranty data for the reference object is displayed in the details of the head or item of the service contract. After the service is completed, the service technician can confirm this by implementing the service confirmation process. ServiceColese Confirmation is established as proof of service order tracking and its structure is similar to that of the order of service, i.e. head and item data as is possible in service orders. It contains data on the benefits performed, such as the work actually performed. B material consumed, working time, travel time and overtime, as well as working time, etc. It is possible to create multiple confirmations for a single service contract. In addition, the IBase (if any) will be informed of the service confirmation. SAP CRM Service is accessible through various channels of the CRM SAP.

Here are the service features that can be run via the WebClient interface: The service profile and response profile define the level of service in the CRM service. The service profile indicates the conditions that define the date on which the services defined in the service contract can be performed. The response profile defines the time frame within which the service should be launched and until the processing is completed. These profiles are managed in the CRM-Customizing. The provision of the service contract can be configured in the customizing. It is possible to manually enter a contract or the system automatically determines the contract. These settings are made when creating the customization type of transaction for a service process. With the CRM service plan, you can model a plan for the recurring service and execute it so you can use a planned object throughout the lifecycle.

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