Florida Residential Lease Agreement Laws

December 9, 2020 – 5:03 am

A tenant has certain rights and obligations under Florida law. These are stipulated in the Florida Statutes in Part II, Chapter 83, the Law of the Lord Landord of Florida. A tenant in state-subsidized rental housing also has federal rights. If there is no written lease, these laws govern the rights of the tenant. There may also be a written tenancy agreement that could infringe a tenant`s rights. If there is a written lease, it should be thoroughly checked. The Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act opposes what the lease says. However, under the new law, during the signing of the tenancy agreement, the landlord can offer the tenant the option of blocking an early tenancy/termination brake. In the circumstances that the fees do not exceed double the monthly rent required and that the tenant is not less than 60 days of imence. And of course, all of this has to be included in the Florida lease. In return for these rights, it is your duty to provide a safe home that complies with the requirements of the housing code and to make appropriate repairs if necessary.

Obligations may sometimes be limited under the lease. It is also your duty to respect the rights of the tenant. One of them is the right to peaceful property. By renting to the tenant, you give this tenant the property and the use of your property without any intervention. This means that you are not allowed to enter the house frequently, at odd times or without notice. Rights related to proper control are often stipulated in a written lease as well as in Florida law. You have the right to protect your property through an inspection, but you must give an appropriate message of at least 12 hours. You do not have the right to show the property to potential buyers without notice and the agreement of the tenants. Please note that in the event of these events, the landlord may give the tenant three days` notice. If possible, arrange a tour of the premises to identify any problems that should be resolved before signing a rental agreement. Record images or videos or record any questionable conditions and include reparations provisions in the lease or in a separate written document signed by both parties.

If you rent a house, apartment, condo or mobile home to another person, you enter into a contract called a rental agreement.

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