Paris Agreement Anniversary 2020

December 14, 2020 – 2:40 pm

Date: 12 December 2020 Location: virtual www: Date: 12 December 2020 Time: 14:30 – 17:30 Language: English Register to participate online: UN Chief Antonio Guterres and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will convene plans for the anniversary of Paris at a high-level roundtable on Good Thursday Night. The third important change, our understanding of how the rules of such an agreement can lead to effective implementation, has gradually changed. The movement described above tells us that the political signal sent by the ratification of the Paris Treaty has remained strong despite the announcement of the exit of the United States in 2017. It also confirms that the Paris negotiators have rightly believed that effective implementation cannot be based on formal compliance mechanisms, which are generally extremely weak in global environmental policy and cannot be negotiated with powers that, as early as 2015, have declared that their sovereignty cannot be violated, but that the only lever for effective implementation should be based on a much broader informal treaty with all parties concerned. The mayor of Paris hails the “important milestone” of the fifth anniversary of the pioneering agreement, Ambassador Lois Young of Belize and President of the Alliance of Small Island States, told the CHN that the Paris anniversary was a time to “take the flame out of the fight against climate change” and that “the British Cops absolutely cannot afford to waste.” BONUS: Five things to check during the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement A drastic reduction in tourism and economic activity in much of the world for several months of 2020, in order to stop the spread of coronavirus, is only planned to reduce global energy-related CO2 emissions by 7% compared to the previous year. Paris climate agreement: five years later, there are reasons to be optimistic? From massive tree plantations in Buenos Aires to new public transit systems in Mexico City, 54 cities among the world`s largest cities are implementing plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris agreement, according to a new study of the C40 urban network. But the states are in a way the weak link in today`s architecture. Together, they played a major role in the preparation and communication of their INDCs, weeks before the 2015 Paris meeting, and thus signalled their political will to reach an agreement on the basis of real and effective measures. At the time, deficiency assessments showed that the sum of their contributions deviated significantly from the status quo, although it was clearly not sufficient to achieve the “significantly below 2oC” target. This was normal at the time: they had prepared these INDCs in a different context and before each comprehensive agreement.

Six years later, with a comprehensive policy framework, new instruments and new technologies, it is clear that these contributions need to be rethought and the gap reduced. It is precisely this logic and the intention of the Palestinian Authority that has ratified it that are exactly the logic and intent they have ratified: meeting every five years, taking stock of progress, new scientific information, unexpected difficulties and updating the strategy. Individually, some have already started to move and make announcements, but more ads with more ambition would be needed to fill the void. National policies clearly suffer from this lack of ambition and the transposition of the Palestinian Authority`s objectives into domestic politics and local narratives remains insufficient. This excessive caution could gradually jeopardize the credibility of the Palestinian Authority itself if no new dynamics are established among the world`s players. By the end of 2020, important signals were finally sent: the revision of the EU target, China`s commitment to neutrality in CO2 emissions and now the return of the United States. This should now play a catalytic role in the mob

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