Seattle Central College Transfer Agreement

April 12, 2021 – 7:06 am

On-campus accommodation? Yes: International students have access to Broadway studios, a complex across the street from campus, as well as other apartment complexes and host families with college problems. “Dr. Lange`s vision and leadership for Seattle Central College, especially for color students, is an attractive attraction for the university,” Felton said. “Your progressive ideas and thoughts are also in line with Wilberforce`s renaissance, as we want to make room for entrepreneurship, social well-being and leadership – goals shared with Seattle Central College.” The Seattle Culinary Academy of Colleges offers a five-quarter certificate program in special desserts and breads and a six-quarter program of culinary art certificates. Both are accredited by the American Culinary Federation. Seattle universities have partnerships and transfer contracts with the four-year-old institutions listed below and are constantly developing new ones. You will find the most accurate list of all transfer agreements in the counselling and transfer centres. Questions or support, contact the CSC Financial Aid Office – or 206.934.3844 Seattle Central College offers two accredited bachelor`s programs, a bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Behavioral Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health. The applied nature of diplomas places more emphasis on practical skills over theory. In addition, two-year contracts in accordance with the Washington Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) are proposed. The DtA guarantees that all transfer credits to a Washington State University will be accepted to obtain a bachelor`s degree at that institution for individuals wishing to pursue a B.A. or B.S.

outside Seattle Central. Seattle Central has developed Direct Transfer Agreements (DTAs) with many four-year colleges and universities. DtAs guarantee that students who graduate with a diploma will receive 90 kronor for their 180-credit bachelor`s degree. The following schools accept at least one of Seattle Central`s Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) and/or Associate of Applied Science – Transfer (A.A.S.-T) degrees, but do not have a formal transfer agreement with Seattle Central. Please check with the four-year-old university about the specific transfer needs. Students who move from one CLC to another can benefit from reciprocity if they have one thing in common: Seattle Central College is a community college that offers students two bachelor`s degrees and 32 association degrees in more than 28 fields of study.

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