Where Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) Originating Goods

April 15, 2021 – 11:49 pm

For the purposes of this Act, goods imported from a NAFTA, Chilean or Costa Rica country are imported directly from the COUNTRY of NAFTA, Chile or Costa Rica. sections 17 and 18 of the tariff. (j) for the purposes of Customs Position 9971.00.00 or 9992.00.00.00, under the conditions under which goods exported to a NAFTA country, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel or any other beneficiary of the CIFTA may be imported for repair or modification; (2) Subject to subsections 3 and 4, if, at any time, the Governor of the Council was held on behalf of the Council following an investigation by the International Trade Tribunal of Canada in accordance with paragraph 1. Article 19.013, paragraph 2, of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act or as a result of a complaint filed under paragraph 23 (1.07) of this Act, are goods that are entitled to the Costa Rican tariff, the Governor of the Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, review the Governor of the Council on the orders of the Minister (2) and report to the Governor of the Council on whether products entitled to the benefits of the Costa Rica Tariff , with the exception of textile and clothing products, are imported in such high quantities as a result of this claim that they alone constitute a major cause of serious harm or threat to domestic producers of similar or directly competitive products, when the Governor, on the recommendation of the Minister, forwards the matter to the inquiry and report. The CCRFTA will improve exporters` access to Costa Rican markets for many important Canadian products, including automotive parts, plastics, wood and paper products, fish and agricultural products. Tariffs on most manufactured goods will be immediately abolished and about 94% of agricultural products will benefit from market access. The CCRFTA will give Canadian producers an advantage over their major competitors in the Costa Rican market, including the United States and various suppliers in Europe and Asia. It also provides Canada with a level playing field with Costa Rica`s other preferred trading partners, such as Mexico and Chile. (iii) the circumstances in which and the categories of products are not eligible for a duty exemption under Section 21 or the Special Import Measures Act, a provisional tax instituted under Sections 53, 55, 63, 63, 68 or 68, a tax levied under the Excise Act or a tax levied under the Excise Act ,

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