Agreement Cashier

April 8, 2021 – 4:13 am

Below is the agreement between us (Colorado Community College System) and you regarding the provision of educational services for which you are committed in the future in accordance with this agreement. 6) Collect a complete knowledge of the products offered 12) Keep the store clean, Well-stocked and also organized 3) Follow all customer requests 2) Make sure customers have had an excellent shopping experience during check-out 4) Help with secure line control 13) Follow and follow all applicable sanitary and sanitary procedures and follow safe working practices 11) Ensure the cleaning of the goods displayed 1) , effectively and accurately complete sales service transactions at cashier wraps 8) Customer service manager in the store Please read this form carefully; By authorizing the collection of fees on your student account, you are bound by this agreement. 7) Follow the right procedures for customers Check the sale of goods Please contact the cash register if you have any questions.

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