Agreement Specialist Job Description

April 8, 2021 – 6:56 am

The salary of a state contract specialist is calculated on the basis of the general calendar salary scale (GS). Experienced contract specialists (GS-11) earn a base salary of $55,204 to $71,764 per year, reports the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Those who are new to this trade start as GS-5 and earn 30,113 to 39,149 dollars per year. The more experience you have, the higher the salary. GS-9 employees earn between $45,627 and $59,316, according to the same source. The Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) reports that contract specialists work under the direction of a contract agent. This profession requires a good knowledge of regulatory and legislative issues. New employees often start as contract specialists and then move on to higher positions such as contract agents or administrators, project collaborators, procurement analysts and more. Governments often work with private sector organizations, suppliers and contractors. For example, they may instruct construction companies to build new roads or renovate old buildings. Contract specialists working for the government are responsible for the development of contracts and tariff negotiations between the parties involved. These professionals may also be asked to resolve disputes between contractors and government authorities, evaluate bids, terminate or modify contracts, and maintain relationships with lenders.

Contract specialists are responsible for the development, processing and verification of contractual agreements between an organization and suppliers, suppliers and other third parties. Depending on their job, they can also develop purchase proposals, build relationships with reliable suppliers and facilitate wage negotiations. Their main task is to ensure that customers meet contractual obligations. The grade assigned to this role determines the amount you are paid, as well as your level of responsibility. Most contract specialists working for the Confederation move from GS-5 to GS-9 and GS-11. New employees (GS-5) receive on-the-job training and work under the guidance of a more experienced contract specialist. Those who switch to GS-9 can assist with the contract letter, select bidders, supervise the work of the contract and verify the completeness of the bids. A contract specialist is responsible for every step of the contract`s evolution, including the negotiation of the terms and development of the printed document, including research into the legal provisions.

He can work with a legal team or work independently to evaluate offers and write documents. Contract specialists are also responsible for helping clients terminate contracts on advantageous terms. An ideal contract specialist holds a bachelor`s degree or a graduate degree in one of the many possible fields: accounting, business management, economics, finance and law, to name a few.

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